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First and foremost, you will want a tour guide! Anton’s Egypt Tours is the best of the best. Anton and his team have so much knowledge of the history that Egypt holds so you get the full experience everywhere you go. He is also from Cairo, so literally everywhere we went, everyone knew him and greeted him with such praise. I never once didn’t not feel safe in Cairo but Anton made us even that more comfortable. Highly highly recommend using him to plan and book your trip to Egypt.

The Great Pyramid of Giza & Camel Ride Tour is a phenomenal experience! We also went to see the Great Sphinx. When we got there, we first walked around the pyramids and learned about the history then got to take a ride around the pyramids on the camels which was amazing and I highly recommend doing! Lastly we took a walk to the Great Sphinx and got to get the infamous photo with the Sphinx. (Make sure you wear pants and comfortable shoes for this day.)

OK! Let‘s talk about food! Egyptian food is definitely not in my comfort zone of what i normally eat but man is it GOOD! One of my favorite places to eat was Egyptian Pancakes. They are basically pizzas in the form of crepe dough. My favorite was stuffed with cheese and peppers following a sweet one with banana/apple/Nutella! DELICIOUS!

Another fave meal is the falafel

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